Tee Weaver

Music Biography:

Tee Weaver as a young man started his musical career in his church choir and at the same time played the saxophone in his school’s band, ‘Scott High School Marching 100 Band’. After high school, Tee played with the ‘Pandamonium Band’ in Toledo, Ohio. Tee left Toledo, Ohio and moved to Chicago, Illinois where he began his professional music career and created ‘The Tee Weaver Review’. Tee was the opening act for Bernie Worrell at ‘Club 99’ in Joliet, Illinois. Tee, still looking to advance his musical career, moved to Athens, Georgia (Home of the Bulldogs). After settling in Athens, Georgia, Tee met music producer and classical guitarist Mark Maxwell. Tee was asked to collaborate on a project that led him to sing a song on the album by James O’Quinn titled “Little Girl”. Mark Maxwell then started a band called the ‘Maxwell Sound Review’ and Tee played the saxophone on Mark’s album. This unity between Tee & Mark bore a new group called ‘Funkomatic’ where Tee Weaver was the lead singer. ‘Funkomatic’ released a CD called ‘Living on One’. ‘Funkomatic’ went on to tour the United States for 10 years. Tee moved to Atlanta, Georgia once the tour for ‘Funkomatic’ ended. After settling down in Atlanta, Georgia, Tee began performing with a local band called the ‘Sounds of Motown’ where he had an 8 year run. After his departure from ‘Sounds of Motown’, Tee created his own band called ‘TNT Band and Productions’. In December 2022, Tee released a single called ‘Everyday Miracles’ which can be found on all the major music platforms.

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